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Just a woodguy fighting battles..

Born in the middle of NYC..but lost on Planet Ohio...Builds large wood boxes that roll.. Hot Rod Woodies (Wood bodied cars from the 1930's)..been in the graphic art thingy too long.. so now does his own thing with Basic HOTROD stuff online while doing the wood- things..

With life you never know.. had a few changing things happen.. one was an 80 year old driver destroying my right hand, have more screws and plates then my car.... ( An artist cant draw any more ).... then a few months in healing I found out I have stage 4 Cancer..well that pretty much effected the woodie building..and always tinkering.. I started with these weird gearless thinking devices and odd docking stations.. 

Please Note.. I have been hit with Cancer a second time..There will be a delay in getting orders out..If you purchase an item, Please understand this ..

Thank you
Builder Of Strange Oddities And Other Stuff
Been Building Hot Rods for 35 plus years...Nothing like taking a pile of rusty old stuff and throwing in some wood, Then driving the thing at high rates of SPEED..

The Woodie Works...Hot Rod Wood cars that I build

Old Time Computer

My oldest daughters shop .. Lizzy

My Music page..weird sounds of woodguy muzak

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